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There are those that say that to win an election you have to give the people what they want. I give the people me. I am a widowed husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, trusted friend, past love interest, businessman, labourer, confidant, you name it, I think I have it covered. I am what for the most part each and every one of you are, therefore, I know what motivates, frightens, frustrates, and angers you. We feel it together. Things need to change but it doesn’t come with the snap of a finger, it comes from the relentless pursuit of getting those in a position of responsibility to do something about it. We do this daily, ad nauseum. It’s that important. I am but one, but I am committed, I believe that through vigilance, someone can make a difference.

A Mayor has day to day issues. I know I have the capacity to be that person for you. So, when you are asked as to who best represents you…look for the person who always puts your interests ahead of their own. Look to me.  

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