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In speaking with a local developer, the other day, he told me that there were some that felt that the only reason, I was running to become your next Mayor was to ensure that the Performing Arts Centre would become a reality. I readily admit that it is one of the important planks on my platform but definitely not the only one. The Centre for the Arts is one of the many amenities that I feel would help us complete our city. Along with our state-of-the-art sporting facilities which we will expand upon, amenities like the PAC, a new Museum and Cultural Centre, a Public Market, all become key focal points that draw more people to our community. 

Amenities are a deciding factor for individual professionals and for business and industry wanting to either establish or relocate themselves into our city. Doctors and other health care professionals, new companies, individual businesses all are needed as we grow. Amenities contribute to our cultural, physical and economical well-being. 

In our newly minted Recreational Master Plan the top item is the Performing Arts Centre. So, while it’s creation isn’t the single reason I’m running, it is one of the very important ones.

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